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Femme Fotale Volume V: Resistance, Resilience & Hope

Images depicting the resistance and hope from artists during this turbulent political state.

Pre Ordering closed in January, 2018.

Ordering an issue: please send us an email at femmefotale@gmail.com for more information about ordering a copy. Each copy is $25.00 plus shipping. We have a limited number of copies!

Femme Fotale Volume IV: Leafless

Theme - The Human Form

 Images were selected from 45 photographers from across the globe.  This volume explores the beauty and the fragility of the human form. 

Pre Ordering for Volume IV, "Leafless" closed in February 2016. 





Femme Fotale Volume III

Theme - Analog

 Images were selected from 80 photographers from across the United States and different countries.  This volume explores analog and alternative processes. 

Pre Ordering for Volume III, "Analog" closed in September 2016. 


Femme Fotale Volume II

Theme - Relationships

 Images were selected from 26 photographers from across the United States.  This volume explores relationships from emotional and abstract perspectives. 

Pre Ordering for Volume II, "Relationships" closed in May 2016. 




Femme Fotale Volume I

Theme - Inspiration 

Images were selected from 11 different women photographers who live in the Phoenix area. This zine is over 25 pages and is published with the goal to showcase women who make art and photos. Volume 1 was released February 2016.

Available at Wasted Ink Zine Distro